Debt Free???

Well, he teaches common sense about money, and that isn’t just limited to getting out of debt. You can get a TON of info free from his website, or by listening to the show. And he runs sales every so often where you can get most of his books for just $10 each.
Welcome, and good luck!

How much is his program?

I was going to say $99 for Financial Peace University, but I wanted to check first. The website shows a couple of classes in my area as having a $199 retail price, but they’re available for $93 currently. Not sure if that’s a ‘special’, or if that’s actually the normal price…

Financial Peace University at a classroom location is about $100, FPU at home is about $129. His book Total Money MakeOver can be checked out in many libraries and mirrors (better IMO) the FPU program.
I’m not sure I understand what you mean about “is it all he teaches?”
Budgeting, developing a plan to get out of debt, developing a plan to save money, invest.
Most importantly, he helps you change your mindset about what is possible living debt free.

Thanks for shepherding that so well. I didn’t have much time to respond to her initial question, but it did sound a tad odd. When folks want a 30-second answer to a life-changing question, and then abruptly dismiss the answer, I tend to think they weren’t really serious to begin with. And then when she said she was leaving because the pay-for-service group offered her “lifetime free mentoring”, I thought ‘yea, probably good riddance’. I’ll stick with the lifetime free mentoring I have right here, thanks. Y’all are better company.

This article goes into some depth on how hospitals across the country can, and do

mark up their pricing to exorbitant rates. Insured patients and outpatients have the negotiating power of their insurer to get those prices down, but the uninsured have no such leverage. Some hospitals offer programs to help the uninsured, but bill collectors and collection agencies go for the full amount when trying to collect on a debt. Furthermore, there are few if any reliable ways to “shop” for the best service at the best price. The worst of all, the geographic distribution of those hospitals with the highest markups is really uneven, as are the programs to help those who can’t otherwise pay for services. Really interesting article, and thought-provoking.

Another Debt Paid Off

We paid off another debt yesterday($1200 personal loan). We only have two more to go. I’m so excited. We are thinking we will be debt free by the end of the year. It has taken us 4 years but the end is in sight. We started out with about $70,000 in debt not counting the house. I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken no where near that long if we had found Dave’s plan before now. Anyway, I enjoy reading all the posts and am learning so much from you guys.

This last couple of weeks Alan has been trying to

slow our speedy mortgage pay off by attacking ds right and left. It didn’t work though because our family tree has definitely changed over the last several years.

In the past if ds hit a financial snag or two we would have rushed in with credit cards a blazing, or the very least with our checkbook. But ds has walked this path with us, and has in fact helped us along the way.

So when he had to have emergency dental work to the tune of $2,000 plus what his insurance paid, he was able to cover it with his emergency fund and the dental coverage he now carries.

Before he recovered from that financial blow all 3 u joints on his truck went out and the tail gate latch broke again (cheap plastic parts on that latch). He now has the knowledge to ask for after market parts for the u joints, so that brought the price down over $250, to a little over $300, which happened to be just about the price of the electric bill he needed to pay.

Surprise, surprise the meter deposit on the electric bill was refunded for more than the current bill, so there was his u joint money. The tail gate was covered because ds thought ahead when he bought the last one and got two. 15 minutes of his time and the tailgate is working again.

So ds came out of it all free and clear.

Where dh and I are concerned we spent the last two weeks working on major decisions about our fifth wheel and our future travel plans. We were trying to decide on whether to keep the paid for one we have and do the necessary repairs and updates on it, or to trade it in and add that repair money to the trade in for a newer in good condition one, or to outright sell it and motel stay.

After kicking the ideas around for actually several months now we finally set down and put pen to paper on the first 2 thoughts. A quick NADA check shows the book value to only be around $6000, before we were half way through the list of the things we would like done or added it came to over $8,000. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that was a no go.

Since it will be next spring before we hit the road full time we have decided to test run motel staying between now and then to see how that works out for us.

Our fiver is nearly 16 years old and some campgrounds won’t let anything over 10 years old stay there.

At the same time we will get trailer ready for either trade in or sale and keep our eyes open for a good upgrade that we can pay the cash for. Should we decide we want to continue to camp.

So it has been a very financially busy couple of weeks around here, but it has all worked out well.