Debt Free???

Well, he teaches common sense about money, and that isn’t just limited to getting out of debt. You can get a TON of info free from his website, or by listening to the show. And he runs sales every so often where you can get most of his books for just $10 each.
Welcome, and good luck!

How much is his program?

I was going to say $99 for Financial Peace University, but I wanted to check first. The website shows a couple of classes in my area as having a $199 retail price, but they’re available for $93 currently. Not sure if that’s a ‘special’, or if that’s actually the normal price…

Financial Peace University at a classroom location is about $100, FPU at home is about $129. His book Total Money MakeOver can be checked out in many libraries and mirrors (better IMO) the FPU program.
I’m not sure I understand what you mean about “is it all he teaches?”
Budgeting, developing a plan to get out of debt, developing a plan to save money, invest.
Most importantly, he helps you change your mindset about what is possible living debt free.

Thanks for shepherding that so well. I didn’t have much time to respond to her initial question, but it did sound a tad odd. When folks want a 30-second answer to a life-changing question, and then abruptly dismiss the answer, I tend to think they weren’t really serious to begin with. And then when she said she was leaving because the pay-for-service group offered her “lifetime free mentoring”, I thought ‘yea, probably good riddance’. I’ll stick with the lifetime free mentoring I have right here, thanks. Y’all are better company.

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